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China has new bird flu outbreak

This bird flu stuff is serious! It can affect the entire world in a way that we all will regret. Maybe its time for the world to become vegetarian now? 🙂 Here is a news item from BBC on the 3rd outbreak in China!!

China has reported its third major outbreak of bird flu in two weeks.

Officials said 545 chickens and ducks died of the virus in a village in the central Hunan province, and almost 2,500 had been killed as a precaution.

Earlier outbreaks hit Inner Mongolia and Anhui provinces, but so far China has seen no human bird flu deaths.

Meanwhile, a conference of health ministers in Canada has called for more research to find a vaccine to protect people against bird flu.

The US Secretary of Health, Michael Levitt, told the Ottawa conference that politicians had to find a balance between informing and inflaming.

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