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Of Mysteries, History Channel and Vivekananda on the Vedas!

This was a week of my discovery of the History Channel on the TV in my hotel room! Until now, I was a CNN addict.. (still like it) with only Bill Maher interrupting that viewing as I love his sense of humor! And some of the things that the History Channel discussed usually bordered on the sensational… of course they took a very scientific approach. The following were some of the topics that were discussed:

– The Holy Grail
– The Shroud of Turin
– Noah’s Arc
– Fatima sisters’ secrets
– Hidden Code in Bible.
– Psychic elements and issues in the US Presidencies.
– Rasputin and his Psychic influence on the Czars and Russia

Its coverage of “mysteries” was quite detailed and comprehensive… but on very US and Western topics. With the amount of treasure that we have in India and Asia, it would be great if we could have something on those lines being done there!

This was juxtaposed against the current reading I am doing of text of Vivekananda’s lectures on Gita and the Vedas! Swami Vivekananda had a deep and a distinct understanding of the many details that come in the two books – specifically the Vedas. He emphasizes that Vedas contained “ALL” that was there to be understood in the creation.

It had all the knowledge of the world and phenomena captured in “Sound Bytes” as it were. And that there were two parts to the Vedas – the RItualistic and the Philosophical. The Ritualistic attempted to do many things through rites and rituals – which because of their energy/matter altering powers of sound bytes gave those who understood them … GREAT POWER over people and the world. Gradually, as it so often happens, this “science” fell in the hands of highly egotistic folks who could not handle its power… and the situation got corrupted beyond measure. The priests would just get paid with the promise of a change… which slowly and gradually could not be delivered. The “sound byte” of the mantras .. had to be JUST RIGHT to work correctly.

It was during the late 1800’s .. during Swami Vivekanda’s time that the efforts to “go back to Vedas” were undertaken. Dayananda Saraswati was one such notable person. But my personal assessment is that he just concentrated on the ritualistic part of Vedas without properly accentuating the philosophical – VEDANTIC aspect of it out. That was a pity!

I have a great urge to read Einstein’s view on the philosophical side of origin of creation and others. It is in the same line of quest that I got to the article (could just read the teaser though) on Gravity and its illusion. A friend who subscribes to it actually had pointed me to it!

There is a case for an another dimension beyond space and time. One or more? But more than we are witness to.

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