The lie of Aryan-Dravidian theory and the Max Mueller hoax

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Actually, to me this Aryan invasion theory was always nothing but absolute BS.. even in school. And the reason at that tender age was pretty simple… our History books clearly showed that there all the three “races” – Harrappan, Aryan, and Dravidian – worshipped some form of Shiva and Vishnu. To me three “races” distanced by time (as Harrappan and Aryan was supposed to be) as well as space (as Aryan and Dravidian was supposed to be).. to come up with same or similar deities was too much of a coincidence! In fact, some research shows that the opposite happened – the Indian race – if you will – left the shores of India and moved up along the Central Asian region and Black Sea to end in areas around Greece and Europe.

I studied Russian as a language in school, while some of our friends had Sanskrit… the structure of grammar that we studied with all the conjugations was remarkably similar!

And I have read at one place – that if someone was to simply go to one of the archives of the British times in – I think either one of those Museums in London or in Germany – one would find letters he wrote from India where he clearly says – with glee – that by the time he is done.. he would have made an entire race mentally slaved to the Europeans. So quite contrary to what is believed about him… he did have an agenda.. and it wasnt really to India’s good.

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Also, the book I am reading – in one of thelectures Vivekananda says clearly – that he strongly believes that electric signals should NOT require wires to be transmitted – they should be able to travel through air – in context of how when Kundalini is awakened.. Prana is made to travel through Sushumna (a hollow in the spine) as opposed to th eleft and right nerves. And these lectures were of 1894 vintage! Years before wireless was “invented” … so what Modern Science discovers starting from the premise that if there is a “logic” or reasoning to an event – “Intelligent Design” can be obviated.. Vedantic science STARTED from the premise that understanding natural phenomenon would LEAD to understanding of the “intelligent design”. No wonder Modern science RECREATES and Pollutes nature.. while Vedantic science never did!

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1 thought on “The lie of Aryan-Dravidian theory and the Max Mueller hoax”

  1. The tragedy of Aryan Dravidian controversy is that during MAXMULER/CALDWELL ERA South Indian inscriptions has not been deciphered and Caldwell had to rely on Brihadeeswara Mahatmaya to know the builder of the temple. Till South Indian inscriptions were deciphered and Sri KA NEELAKANTA SASTRI published his MAGNUM OPUS THE IMPERIAL CHOLAS nobody bothered about history of Cauvery basin and it was restricted to Trichy and Tanjore towns Even now out of 30000 inscriptions 100000/30000/20000 in TAMIL/KANNADA/TELUGU only 100000 inscriptions 30000/10000 in Tamil/KANNADA andvTelugu has been deciphered. The historians take contradictory stand– if IVC were Dravidians there is no question of Dravidians worshipping trees and spirits since in the whole of world onlybDRUIDS were treaded as sorcerers since they worshipped trees and spirits and Druids are not uraban. Further South India is more urban I.e, having fortified towns as Velam/Vallamanagar/inland mercantile towns–nagarams/coastal port towns– pattinam with pathinenbhoomiyar/valangai/Idangai emerged during Satavahanas/consolidated by Kadambas/Chauyas and standardized by Cholas. It is amazing to find that historians wantonly omit one thing MANU SMRITI evolved only under Chalukyas and from sixth century to later Pandiyas kings glorified themselves as followers of Manu’s laws even though they may be Jains like Chalukyas or Buddhists like Satavahanas. The question is why did not any North Indian king but for Gupta’s never refer Many Smrithi? South absorbed only Tantrism/Vaidikam from North and that too the kings sent people to learn them. The South is engaging shadow ghost war against non existent Aryan marauders

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