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ajaxWrite: And Microsoft Word Passes Into History!!

AJAX apps are re-defining the web experience.. remember – which was bought by Google? Here is one such app that resembles MS Word…this is what its creator says in his blog:

ajaxWrite is a powerful word processor that can read and write Microsoft Word formatted documents. Anytime you need a word processor, need to open a .doc file or edit a .doc file, simply point your Firefox browser at and in seconds a full-featured program will be loaded. For 90 percent of the people in the world, the need to buy Microsoft Word just vanished. This won’t make Microsoft happy, but software users should be very excited that software just got cheaper, immediate and modern.

I think this may be one heck of a jittery time for MSFT… its dominance for the desktop apps might come to an end if this guy .. he swears to launch one AJAX app a week!! For the latest on new launches – go to this cheesy looking blog


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