Chinese girl sings Indian Songs in China

This young singer is truly versatile as she can sing not just in one Indian language but several! If I was the PM of India – in order to further the friendship between the two countries, I would promote this girl!

Hou Xin Jie, a popular crooner of Indian songs in China, has set out on a visit to the country she adores, seeking an audience with legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar and to bring newer Indian melodies to her listeners back home. “I am very keen to meet Lataji.
It is my dream,” 24-year-old Hou said, hoping that she could meet her idol and inspiration during her visit to India. “This would be my first visit to the country though I became acquainted with its culture at the age of five,” she said. During the recent China visit of Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf, Hou entertained him and guests with Urdu songs.

“I am also visiting India in search of a teacher who can help me improve my style and master the art,” she said. Hou has a degree in music from Capital Normal University in Beijing, and can play the piano.

“My dream is to make Indian music more popular in China. I want the Chinese to appreciate and understand Indian songs,” she said. Hou can also sing Punjabi, Bengali and Urdu songs.


Desh Kapoor

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