Employees at WIPRO fired for Faking Resumes

This is a story of resume faking at WIPRO – which is a fairly common practice in the IT area!

Wipro has just fired some employees for faking their CVs. It has also filed police complaints against several recruitment agencies for helping these employees falsify CV information.

While it’s yet not certain how many employees were shown the door, this is perhaps the first instance of Wipro’s rigorous defence system against such malpractice being so seriously breached.

Manipulation of resumes, often in active collaboration with recruitment agencies, and sometimes with the knowledge of recruitment personnel of IT companies, is assuming alarming proportions.

IBM India recently sacked many employees for the same reason. Some are said to have worked there for two years. TCS, also facing this problem, has from this year outsourced the entire process of CV verification to a specialised agency.

“The emphasis today is on speed of recruitment. Companies have many times more projects than they can handle. So recruitment processes have been undermined, enabling people with manipulated CVs to get in,” says a professional, who has worked in the HR department of several IT companies.

“It’s a colossal issue,” says Vinaysheel Palat, V-P in Evaluationz India, a company that specialises in employee verification through a tie-up with Globe Detective Agency.

“The US has a documentation process and social security numbers, through which one can ascertain all details about an employee. India has nothing like that. With increasing numbers of inter-state/city transfers, companies face the big risk of manipulators,” she said.

Experts say recruitment agencies and recruitment personnel in companies too are often part of this fraud.

Work experience, expertise in technology domains, compensation packages and educational qualifications are the main areas of falsifying CVs.

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