How many sites do you visit?

Everyone who is on the internet has his/her favorites! They pretty much go to certain sites every day … and the research says that on an average people go to about 6 sites. Which are YOUR six sites? Mine are:

1. – Gmail
2. – (personalised)
3. – Rediff or Samachar
4. – (this one)
5. –
6. – (another of my site)

I used to frequent the Indian news sites a lot – like and – but these and even rediff have become such a pain in the backside with their pop-ups that I have stopped going there .. I just take a peek at rediff once a day and that is just about it!! I cannot stand those pop-ups. Indian techies may be awesome at crunching code but when it comes to bringing folks to their sites – they are TERRIBLE!! There was a time when I LOVED …. and then they just changed their design.. and messed up the gluing factors!! Same with Rediff. What kind of nuts are they!!??

And WHO told them that pop-ups was a great idea? Its the NUMBER ONE put off in my book!! I CANNOT STAND THE POP-UPS!!

The research, published today by Directgov, points to a new era in the use of the internet that experts are calling the ‘Supersite’ phenomenon. The study found that half of internet-using Britons (51 per cent) visit just six or less sites on a regular basis.

Three quarters of people questioned say the internet is indispensable to their daily lives and more than nine out of ten (95 per cent) say they go online with a specific destination in mind. People are now using the internet more smartly, visiting a handful of destination websites that have emerged as ‘Supersites’ due to their importance to people’s lives.

The research suggests that using just one banking, shopping, travel information and holiday website is enough for a person to keep their life well-managed.

The study comes as the government launches a one-stop-shop website where people can do everything from renewing their driving licence, car tax or passport to finding out about local schools, childminders and recycling.


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