"I Do" or "Off Limits"?

Interesting bit of news:

Britain’s government launched a series of advertisements on Tuesday warning men that they must get consent from their partner for sex, or risk going to jail. The ads, which will be published in several men’s magazines, displayed in public toilets and broadcast in radio spots, target 18- to 24-year-old men, the Home Office said.

One magazine ad shows a man sitting on a bunk bed in a prison cell along with the warning: “If you don’t get a ‘yes,’ who’ll be your next sleeping partner?”

Another shows a woman with an “off limits” symbol on her underwear accompanied by the message: “Have sex with someone who hasn’t said yes to it, and the next place you enter could be prison.”

Conviction rates for reported rape cases across Britain have been falling.

A new Ad campaign in UK warns men to not indulge in sex before getting a formal “I Do” from the partner! As for the women… they can go ahead – for it is assumed that its virtually impossible to find a man who is made to have sex unknowingly with a woman and complain about it later! So much for the gender equality!

Of course, when the female has an explicit “Off limits” undie on.. its no use asking her… you’d better put back what you have taken off thus far to get there! On the other hand, its a toss whether you’d like to get a peek at the graffiti on a woman’s undie before you take the trouble of helping her out of those extra tight jeans or would you rather at least get a glimpse “up close” before you give up a few inches to the “summit”?

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This law could very well be an excuse for the women to get back at men given that it is quite difficult for them to get the man to say “I Do” in front of a priest for a marriage! Now, in this law, they have their bargaining tool. Get to say the I-phrase in front of the priest or you just get to do all the hard work to see the “Off Limits” lingerie appropriately concealing what you are hoping to get more of by not doing your bit in front of the priest!

That brings me to the new games and tools that men would be planning soon! Some way to tell what the graffiti down under of a woman says? “Off limits” or “I Do”? There would be enough bets on who is wearing what and who isnt! Maybe some special glasses to uncover the secrets of a woman’s mind well concealed in her pants!! Maybe some forlorn guys breaking away at the rose petals with alternate cries of “I do” .. “Off limits”….

Also, expect Victoria Secret to come out with new graffitized lingerie very soon!

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