Keys to Success in Career with a Physics Degree!

Here is an interesting piece of advice for the students of Pure Physics! It is true that the world is not all that rosy for the grads of pure physics.. so this can be useful advice!

As spring approaches and new graduates will begin their job search, once again we are hearing alarm bells ringing about the risk of getting a degree in physics and then facing the unemployment line. It is true that getting a physics degree is less of a sure thing than say becoming an electrical engineer. This is because electrical engineering is something that gives you a specific skill set that is in demand by industry while physics could be said to be a degree that creates a generalist with a lot of problem solving skills. However, rather than panic or lament having studied a pure science, there are steps that students can take to ensure they will be employable both inside and outside of academia. Having spent many years working in industry and the national laboratories, I have come up with 7 keys to success with a physics degree that I believe will help graduating physicists maintain employability.


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