Personal Development Goals

I was re-reading Tony Robbins book “Awaken the Giant Within” again last evening. And these are some notes. I intend to follow up on these simple but powerful stuff.

There are some “Problem Soving Questions“:

1. What is great about this problem?
2. What is not perfect yet?
3. What am I willing to do to make it the way I want it?
4. What am I willing to NO longer do in order to make it the way I want it?
5. How can I enjoy the process while I do what is necessary to make it the way I want it?

These are important questions to get to the root of the problems that one is facing at any moment. The thing is one needs to identify the problems/issues initially and then to be realistic and honest about the situation rather than fooling one’s ownself. I have seen many people deny the issues that they are facing in general – even the larger issues of life!! If you cannot be truthful to your ownself, there is very little reason to believe that you have come out of a current quagmire.

He also talks of creating Goals – that have a deadline/timeline and create re-confirmations every day by reading these to make sure that one is always in line with these goals. The categories of the goals are:

1. Personal Development Goals: Everything that you would live to improve in your life that relates to your personal growth. i.e.; learning skills, develop character traits, the type of person YOU want to be?
2. Career/Business/Economic Goals: Things that you want for your career, Business, or Financial Life
3. Toys/Adventure Goals: If there were no economic/physical/emotional limits what are the things that you would like to have? (eg; cottage, castle, beach house, Island, music studio, climb Mt Everest)
4. Contribution Goals: To create opportunities to leave your mark, or to create a legacy that makes true difference in people’s lives. (eg; adopt a child, eliminate racial discrimination, start a political party to change the system, design a way to distribute the food to hungry)

– Give a timeline to each goal (in years?)
– Choose the single most important ONE-YEAR goal in this category.
– Write down the different steps that are required to reach that goal and give a timeline to each step
– Write down the resources required on the journey towards the goal and research how you can access those resources
– Create the “Project Plan” with steps, resources, and timeline for the final goal accomplishment

– Write own a separate paragraph about why you are absolutely committed to achieving this goal within the year.
– At east twice a day you must rehearse and emotionally enjoy the experience of achieving each one of your most valued goals

(I added the maroon colored points in the list above)

These simple things are important to make sure we can tackle everyday to make our lives better. I will try to create these personal goals and follow them. The way I am thinking of doing this is:

– Journal these on my personal pages on the web so I can watch them daily (of course, in private viewing – on for example)
– Detail out the goals and the timelines.
– Put in the goals by timelines and the periodic reminders in to my Yahoo Calender.
– Write down my achievements in my personal journal and also maybe share the thoughts here on my blog on how I did.

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