Planes yes, Pilots no!

Ok, so we have done all the deals for the planes. We have the passengers ready in their homes. All we dont have are:

1. the airports to land those planes on, and
2. Pilots to fly those planes

Hows that for a great National Infrastructural Strategy? I have been reading a lot about the lack of skilled manpower in India – a country that is arguably THE world’s provider of human resources! I have not heard similar complaints from China as yet. Is it because the Chinese enterprises are mainly manufacturing and do NOT require skilled folks or is it because they are doing a better job than us in HR management?

Are India’s airlines putting the cart before the horse? Or, more accurately, the craft before the helmsmen? Carriers have splashed out billions of dollars on planes and engines this week at the Asian Aerospace show in Singapore, but an analyst has warned that the exponential growth of the subcontinent’s aviation sector has resulted in a shortfall of pilots.

“There is a tremendous shortage of pilots in India,” said Dinesh Keskar, who is none other than Boeing’s senior vice president for commercial aircraft sales, adding that the country will likely require between 4,000 and 5,000 new aviators in the next five years. link

Desh Kapoor

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