Pre-emption is Sound says Bush

Bush seems to have said recently ” The Bush administration has issued a statement that “the doctrine of preemption remains sound.”

For a guy who is in the midst of one of the worst crisis of Presidential credibility that this country has faced BECAUSE of pre-emption.. to say this is just incredible!

In Hindi there is a phrase “Vinash kalya Vipreet Buddhi” – (When the time for total destruction comes the intellect goes into reverse!)

Pre-emption could be a useful technique if one is absolutely sure of the evidence and consequences. But here the situation is nowhere near it.

In my opinion, this administration has single-handedly destroyed the future of American kids… and in a way, my personal opinion (and I can thank them for it) built the foundation for a good future for the Indian kids to come (though not a direct consequence but an indirect one!)..

First, by attacking Iraq and becoming the central focus of Al Qaeda and any terrorist worth his salt (or Beard) they have ensured peace in Kashmir after many years… so that India could – in the last few years – concentrate on economic stuff rather than defense. Second, they have made it very difficult for the Americans to move out of this country and work unharmed – that increases demand for skilled folks from other countries which the India kids are using to the hilt. And third, with economic terrorism from China and its alignment with all rogue elements from Pakistan’s ISI to North Korea to Hugo Chavez – India is a good place to prop up.. which benefits the kids there in the long run!

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I dont think many people here realize this but US is the backbone of the world economy because it is a Buyer for the Globe! And the funny thing is that it is the most HATED player in the market as well. That is a uniquely terrible situation to be in.. To be an indefinite payer as well as the target of dislike! Not a society where kids’ future is a safe one!

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