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Hindu Temple in Minnesota Vandalized

Is US going in the right direction? With so many religious overtones to every aspect of life and governance – we see that people are becoming less tolerant of others. It may be possible that the vandals thought this temple was probably related to the Muslims – which would be indeed sad! Or the vandals were just jealous that a minority community could spend $9 million in that city JUST on a temple! Whatever the reason.. this is something that needs to be addressed here on a long term basis!!

A multi-million dollar temple under construction in mid-west Minnesota was vandalised on April 5 damaging large number of Hindu deities, which were specially imported from India. Built by the Hindu Society of Minnesota at Mapple Grove near Minneapolis at a cost of $9 million, the consecration ceremony of the temple was scheduled for June. ‘‘This is a crime against a minority institution, and there is no way the perpetrators did not know that,’’ Indian American leader and Minnesota State Senator Satveer Chaudhary said. Temple officials said a new date for consecration ceremony would be announced later. link

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