Iran, Nukes, US and Proliferation

Gotham Chopra, son of the Consciousness Guru Deepak Chopra, writes on Intentblog about the US response and actions on Iran and the Nuke proliferation.

So the clock is ticking (3 years) and now the Iranians have nukes and we’re scared $hitless. Wah wah wah…they defied the UN security council (just like us).

I watching this process with great curiosity, the US telling countries like Iran that they can’t play with the weapons that we have a’plenty! It’s just so patronizing. And we wonder why they hate us!

I hope Iran never uses a nuclear weapon because, well if they did, then they’d be just like us.

This is my take on this issue:

Unlike India’s closeness to the USSR or Russia, I am rather uncomfortable with its recent closeness to the US. The reason being its limited and short term memory and inconsistent friendship. Personally, I believe that the only way to stop proliferation is to destroy all such weaponry in the world at the same time. But that seems impossible now. Therefore, these homilies on proliferation from the West seem nonsensical … specially when these same idiots – Republicans were there at that time too! – had condoned the then father of Pakistani nuclear establishment, AQ Khan – after he had run away from Netherlands with the Nuke secrets!

If these idiots had acted and moved their asses to where their mouth perenially seemed to function, India would not have had to blast those Nukes back then…. everyone in India knew that those blasts were to BRING OUT the Pakistani Nukes and the Pak-China-North Korea nexus-with-US-blessing. It is, therefore, not a surprise that the Nuke Bazaar that the CIA so "famously unearthed", known to even a small town guy reading Times of India for the last 15 years, happened in the last few years!

This was singularly the most confusing and defining incident in my mind – Why would US let that happen (AQ Khan’s rampant activities and Pak-China-North Korea nexus and the Nuke Bazaar) when it had disaster for US written all over it?


Looking back at those incidents and other such stuff, the only way I have explained this all to myself is that the US officials were just too over confident that they could handle any country and make a mincemeat of them … Nukes or no Nukes.. and at that time those activities suited them… long term results be damned because in any case all these actors will be done away with in due course!

That to me, is a big assumption, that seemed and seems to be the bedrock of the US foreign policy.

Should that assumption prove to be wrong, the world as we know it will cease to exist. And Should that assumption prove to be right, US will indulge in far more callous and indifferent foreign policy until the world becomes smarter and gangs up against it (You can fool some of the people all of the time…..) to one day prove the assumption to be disastrously incorrect!!

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