Astrology and Personality Types

Are Leos full of pride and Geminis will dual personalities? The astrologers would have us believe YES.. but does research support it? And what do astrologers think of that research.. this article says it all!

Researchers investigating astrology have concluded there is no evidence to support a link between personality, intelligence and birth dates.

They studied more than 15,000 people and the predictions relating to them, as well as the qualities their birth sign should give them, and found there was “probably more truth in a comic strip”.

The authors, from universities in Germany and Denmark, writing in the Elsevier journal, said: “The present large-scale study provides no evidence for the existence of relevant relationships between date of birth and individual differences in personality and general intelligence.

“If there is some truth to astrology then some general effects of prominent astrological factors like sun signs should be detectable using large enough samples.

“The present large-scale study certainly found no independent effects of sun signs, elements, or gender, and thus yields no support for the common claims of astrology.”

Russell Grant, the television astrologer, dismissed the survey, saying it needed to distinguish between the “pop” astrology of using the sun signs and “proper” astrology.

“We all know that the sun signs are used in newspapers and magazines as a form of entertainment because we cannot sum up all people in terms of 12 signs.

“But proper astrology is based on where all the planets are at the exact time of someone’s birth, and that has been used for thousands of years.”

Roy Gillett, president of the Astrological Association, also dismissed the research, saying it was not valid unless it was conducted by an astrologer. “This is not the first time that non-astrologers have made comments on astrology,” he said. “No one would dream of doing this in other scientific areas.”

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