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NeatReceipts Scanalizer – A Boon for Travelling Professionals!

This is one product I am very happy to buy – so I thought might as well do a review of it. I was at the Newark airport a few weeks back and there was this stall of NeatReceipts Scanalizer – a scanner that can scan your receipts and business cards (also photos etc.) and using OCR puts the information in a tabular form.

Now, it uses a USB port to link with your laptop and is powered through your USB too – which means that I can scan my receipts that I gather while travelling on my flight itself!!

The information that comes in the table can be updated if not everything is there and then saved as the following types of files: PDF, Excel, Microsoft Money, Quicken format, Quickbooks format. In fact you can decide for which receipts you want the export to be done and save the information AND/or the images!! I did that in Excel… the images came over on one worksheet and the information on the other in a real professional tabular manner!! Awesome Stuff!

The business cards area does a similar stuff for the business cards. I have been saving my business cards in there too.. with the information coming in over in a vcard manner. Again it can be exported to any of the “Contacts” programs.

If you are a road warrior and travel a lot – with so many receipts but not enough time then I would HIGHLY recommend this product to you!

Some of its Features are:

* Makes permanent digital copies of all your financial papers: NeatReceipts comes with a free, high resolution portable scanner. All you have to do is scan your receipts, invoices and other financial documents through this scanner, and our software will save permanent copies that you can depend on for years to come!

* Eliminates financial data entry, simplifies expense tracking: Using patent-pending NeatScan technology, NeatReceipts extracts all important information from each receipt including date, amount, vendor and payment type. It then organizes all this expense information into a searchable expense database.

* Speeds up tax preparation: NeatReceipts allows you to leave digital comments on receipts and mark them for tax purposes. During tax season, retrieve all the marked receipts with ease and review those comments for easy preparation. NeatReceipts stores each receipt in a secure digital format that is accepted by the IRS.

* Integrates with QuickBooks, Quicken, Money, Act!, Peachtree: Export to QuickBooks, MS Money, Quicken and most other financial software. By automating data entry and making it easy to export to other software, NeatReceipts makes sure you never have to type information into your financial software again!

* Scan business cards: NeatReceipts captures key contact information from business cards and syncs with your Outlook address book. You can also create V-cards to upload to your PDA.

* Automatically creates expense reports: Automatically creates expense reports from scanned receipts and attaches images of the original receipts for simple verification. Users can email these reports from within the software or export them into PDF, DOC, XLS or HTML formats.

The link for the Scanalizer is given below – I had bought it for $199.99 and Amazon also offers it at the same price (Neatreceipts site offers it for $224). The link below will take you to the Amazon page so you can get the price discount! You can also find a link on right the sidebar.

The package comes standard with a carry pack and software etc.

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