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Pakistan Hires Foreign Flight Attendants!

I had heard of getting technicians and scientists to help for various projects, but hiring foreign air-hostesses (or Flight Attendants as they call in the US) is indeed unheard of. This is ostensibly because the Pakistani National carrier wanted to have someone who could interact with the foreigners… never mind that the number of “foreigners” using PIA may be miniscule!! And this is when Pakistan’s ministers want a piece of the Outsourcing Pie.. and the President is on record to have said that Pakistanis have a better spoken English than Indians have. Hmmm… not enough for the foreigners on PIA it seems?!

THE induction of 19 foreign air hostesses by PIA (Dawn, May 27) for overcoming the language barrier is a unique example; one more feather in the cap.

I think that instead of providing language training to their officers, other government organisations and departments that transact with different countries, such as the ministry of foreign affairs, should also follow the example of PIA at the cost of the public exchequer.



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