Reason and Logic with Emotional Incompetence!

There are people who are pre-disposed to the feeling of showing their superiority. They would rather risk the world than give up their imaginary ghosts that rule their hallucinations. I had thought that reason and logic is something that can be universally conveyed to everyone with any bit of intelligence. But is the ability to understand any thing in a logical or reasonable manner a barometer of ones intelligence? Do we really lead or fashion our lives based on some form of reasonable line of thinking? Not everyone and not all. But the mark of success of a person probably is how in the most crucial and important times in one’s live does he/she use a reasonable judgment?

I have faced such people before… but this time it is closer home.. in fact the issue and the person is as close as it can possibly get. In other circumstances one could simply walk off.. but I guess this is not an option in this situation. How should I stand up to emotional incompetence and utter lack of reason and still salvage an irretrievable situation? That to me will turn out to be a priceless question!! It involves far more than I would ever be willing to bet upon… the future of my family!!

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