Terrorists Use Urine to Communicate

In a world of internet and wi-fi… how does an unfriendly neighborhood terrorist communicate with his fellow friends??? Through letters written in URINE!! Yeah you heard that right!

Men belonging to a major terrorist organization are increasingly using urine of men and women to write secret and confidential messages and letters, according to Dr Mridul Srivastava associated with Lucknow University’s Criminology and Criminal Justice Administration Unit.

The Central Bureau of Investigation and the National Institute of Criminology and Legal Sciences have confirmed the news.

The letters have been written in urine, as they are invisible to the naked eye.

It is learnt that the letters written with urine can only be decoded under infrared ultra violet rays.

Earlier a myth was created that using a woman’s urine, as ink is safer. But now it is widely believed that both urine of men and women have more or less the same properties and if a document is written in urine it cannot be read with naked eye.


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