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Chennai Pollution 32,000 times higher than required!!

The pollution is a fact of life in every city of India.. it has reduced a bit in Delhi but still it is high. This article brings home the apathy of the Indian politicians clearly.

When pollution was so high in Delhi, I used say to my friends that the only way anything will happen in the city towards a cleaner environment will be when the toxic air reaches the ramparts of Rashtrapati Bhawan and the 1 Race Course Road. I guess that is what happened. The pollution reached such heights that it was unbearable almost anywhere. And the action started. Within a year, the change from normal Unleaded Petrol was made to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for the auto rickshaws and commercial buses.

Just read the figure of the pollution here 32,000 TIMES in Chennai!! And still the politician is not alarmed!! Isn’t that the Height of Apathy and Masochism?!!

A study was conducted recently on the air quality in industrial zones in cities across India that showed two places from Tamil Nadu with most notorious pollution levels.

Twenty-one air samples were taken from across the country in which state capital Chennai topped the list. It was observed that the pollution level was 32,000 times above the permissible limit.

According to report ‘Smoke Screen’ done by NGO called Community Environmental Monitoring, air around Perungudi dumping yard in the city is dangerously contaminated by chemicals.

But the government has totally dismissed the study as it was conducted by an NGO. The group accuses government of sleeping over a dangerous reality.

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