Google Calendar's Two Great New Features!

Google Calendar has come out with two new features today. Add your Google Calendar to your Google Personalized Homepage and add any Calendar to your blog or website.

To me it is the second feature that is the most exciting! Why? because you can pretty much get any calendar – any public calendar (which are so many with great schedules on them) – that you would think is good for you.. and publish on YOUR site/blog. Which is precisly what I did! I have published the Calendar which lists all the World Cup Soccer’06 matches on every day on my blog. Look at the menu on your left! Now you can click on any of the matched and add to your own Google Calendar.. so you would know when it occurs!! Isnt that cool??

Add your calendar to your Google Personalized Homepage
Now you can add a Google Calendar module to your Google Personlized Homepage so your calendar is always at your fingertips. This module lets you browse through your schedule and add new events, right from your Homepage.

Publish your calendar and share it with the world
Have a website or a blog where you’d like to show other people what’s going on? Now you can place an interactive, graphical version of your calendar into any page that you manage. The Event Publisher Guide shows you how, plus other ways to add Google Calendar information to your sites.

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