Ramadoss-the-joker sends Notice to AIIMS Chief!

This AIIMS politics and this joker Ramadoss keep on boiling over!! Now this guy has issued a Show Cause Notice to the AIIMS director Venugopal.

Getting tough with AIIMS Director P Venugopal after he accused the Health ministry of interfering in the functioning of the premier institute, the Government has asked him to explain why he went public on the issue.

"A letter has been sent to Dr Venugopal asking his explanation. It was wrong on his part to go public and rake up the issue in public," Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss told reporterson Wednesday.

Meanwhile he tried to have a meeting which most of the students and doctors did not attend… for obvious reasons.. and what does this joker say? Like any RETARDED politician he gives out the same cliches!

The minister was speaking after a meeting of the AIIMS faculty, doctors and students he was scheduled to address was abruptly called off.

Ramadoss said the meeting would be held after two weeks.

"I have not cancelled the meeting. It has been postponed as 30 to 40 faculty members have gone on holiday. In two weeks, we will meet," Ramadoss said.

Asked whether he put off the meeting as some trouble was expected, Ramadoss said, "Absolutely not. It is my institute. I am part of the institute. I don’t see any trouble. I want to address the faculty and students."

Venugopal last week accused the Health ministry of interfering in the affairs of AIIMS and threatened to quit, but Ramadoss rubbished the charge and said he had only acted as the institute’s administration had become "ineffective".

And btw, who the heck said it was his institute?? Who gave him that institute? Such ministers should be just thrown away into the sea!!

Something that again pisses me off no end is the knowledge of our PM Dr. Singh who just condescends to let politics play roughshod over the higher education institutions! When will the intellectual in him get up?? Or has he LOST his backbone or is just an ass-kisser of the Congress higher ups?

Ramadoss met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday and announced the setting up of a three-member panel headed by M S Valiathan, former director of Sri Chitra Thirunal Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology in Kerala, to look into the functioning of AIIMS.

Ramadoss had also said the terms of reference for the panel would be finalised this week.

Just read the paras below.. first this bastard Ramadoss.. goes on to say everything negative about the AIIMS.. and then.. comes out with "I am not in a position to say anything"

He alleged that for the last 20 years, AIIMS has not been functioning in the manner for which it was conceptualised.

There had been an exodus of doctors and not much research was taking place, he said.

"I am not in a position to openly acknowledge that," he said when asked if there was a decline in the functioning of AIIMS.

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