Reincarnation and Other-worldliness

I like visiting Intentblog, and Kavita Chhibber writes a very useful and interesting blogs. She has her own site where she writes articles and she is also an astrologer. Here she writes on a very interesting topic of Reincarnation and Other-wordly stuff!

One day I over heard my friend Amrita(name changed) fighting with her younger brother Anuj(name changed) and she said at the end-“ Go back to your fruit selling, you fruit seller’s son..go push your cart and say-3 tomatoes for a buck.” Anuj went crying to his mom. He was about 6 then. The next time Amrita teased her brother, many other kids ganged up on him, along with her until Amrita’s mother overheard the commotion and called all of us to her house along with our moms. She said that after her son was born, he remembered his past life as a fruit seller’s son and that he had died young after being bitten by a snake. Every one indulged him thinking it to be the creative imagination of a young child, until he started insisting he wanted to see his parents and tell them he was okay, and gave the address. When finally they gave in and went to the address, they did find the fruit seller, and the story of his death was accurate. Many years later when I reconnected with my friend in college, I was told as Anuj grew older his past life memory became hazy and he forgot everything.

My closest friend’s brother died 11 years ago in an accident days before he graduated from medical school-his mother crazed with grief was told by her best friend that her son appeared to them in a dream and said-tell mom to stop crying, I’m coming back . He was very attached to this lady’s daughter-in law, and they thought she was going to have a baby..unknown a few days later, my friend ,his sister found her self pregnant with her third child. When her son was born, he looked and still looks a spitting image of her brother-and has similar habits. I saw her getting emotional one day because he had certain traits that were just so much her brother’s. The boy is almost 11 , has never mentioned anything about any past lives, but perhaps there is an underlying comfort for his grandmother who still isn’t over her grief that may be, just maybe her son did come back.

There are some great comments to which Kavita responds diligently all the time and on this post her responses are also very insightful and interesting.. like this one:

…..looking at astronaut Kalpana Chawla’s face in a big article prior tothe shuttle launch and a horrible sinking feeling as I blurted out tomy friend-she isn’t coming back..of dreaming of every single majorairline crash, for about 6 years, until one friend saidexasperatedly-can’t you dream of lotto numbers or something nice? Thedreams stopped occurring just as mysteriously as they began.Premonition my uncle who I adored was sick and dying when no one hadtold me and he was. Dreaming of the gender of all my close friend’schildren, even when they would deliver and it coming true.

I too believe in the power of prayer and feel a connection that isvery intense and deep when I find some quiet time to pray. Astrology isa pretty accurate tool in the right hands and I call it a science oftendencies which guides you to live your life to the best of yourabilities, though sadly I haven’t been able to change certain negativethings even after warning people several years in advance aboutsomething that was about to happen. The tantra expert who is also anastrologer insists that you cannot change your destiny, but through histantric work, he can only help the person who is going through a badcycle, bear the burden more comfortably, until his good cycle comesaround.

Personally I feel, and this is after seeing the experiences ofothers around me and my own, that nothing happens as I said by accidentand eventually we all end up where we are destined to be.

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Read and enjoy! If you have had any such experiences, please do share them too here in the comments!

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