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I had bought this new blogging client called Elicit. It does a lo of stuff but somehow it is having a lot of issues while posting. For some reason, the coders did not put a simple functionality of a posting button!! What happens is that the when you click on "Save and Publish" it places the post on a calendar to post at a certain time. And the logic is that when that time occurs, the post will be published.

The problem is that it works sometimes and doesn’t at other times! All of my posts today – except for the Bikini Birthday (which I had written last night and scheduled for this morning to be published and it DID!) – none of my posts got published! The time on the calendar would come and go and nothing would happen! I would shift it again. Again the same result. Finally I used the Qumana to do the needful!

Another major negative – I use Drupal as my blogging platform and Elicit does not support it. I use the MetaWeblog API which does publish the post but does not support the categories.

I have used the following blogging clients at one time or the other:

  • wbloggar: Great light-weight basic kinda client – but does not support categories for Drupal.
  • Zoundry: Great one – no ads
  • Qumana: Great one again – has ads but they are adgenta ads.
  • Deepest Sender (extension of Firefox): Simple ones – no support for categories or any ads.
  • Flock (flock is a firefox based browser which also helps to blog): very similar to Deepest Sender

While all had some strong points – everyone of them lacked one major thing – that of integrating ads along with my posts. Qumana does it but not with my favorite – Chitika ads. None of them also use any Amazon integration.

Elicit gives all of these things and more. But it lacks the most basic of all the functionalities – that of posting the blog post right away!! (note: btw, even this post though scheduled for 11.41 pm did not publish until 11.43!! So finally I copied the thing to Qumana and finishing the stuff!)

As for ease of operation, I have always found wbloggar to be the lightest and the best. I love working with it – but it does not post categories for me. Can someone out there make a good, simple, but useful blogging client for us??

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