Dr. Kurien and our respect for his Work?

A blogger Alka, writes about the irony of the fickle-mindedness of the Indian public – which cannot even identify someone who has worked so hard – Dr. Kurienlike Dr. Kurien but go ga-ga over someone like Sonia Gandhi:


I invite my fellow bloggers to enlighten me about contribution of the lady in the right picture, in the development of our country.

I don’t know if we carry out a survey and ask the people to identify the above two snaps, how many will recognize the gentleman. He passed the Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Michigan State University, U.S.A. with distinction. So he had secured the so called “Ticket” to a good life. But instead of running after good life, he did the following:

He has enabled India to become the largest milk producer in the world.

A man with a rare vision, he devoted a lifetime to realize his dream – empowering the farmers of India.

He is known as Father of White Revolution in India.

She specifically mentions his “disgraceful” exit from GCMMF and wishes that the rest of the mortals should at least have shown some respect to such a great man. Great man he was. One who comes in decades!! But I think you need to look at Kurien’s exit from GCMMF in perspective.

I believe – barring VERY VERY few – most successful people become their own caricatures (even the mighty Gandhi was not spared from this “disease”). Dr. K – as we from IRMA (Institute of Rural management) – call him was a great visionary. But he also had a big ego and had become one heck of a megalomaniac.

He thought nothing of keeping the professors or directors he liked and have the institute run the way he wanted. There was a huge uproar when he unilaterally sacked the IRMA Director because he wouldnt be his puppet.

GCMMF was a always a big political fight between Amrita Patel and Dr. K .. so it wasnt as if he was above all that.

There comes a time in every successful person’s life when he or she should take a bow out of the empire one has built and let the new generation take on from there.

Funny thing is that people like billionaires Gates and Buffett – those whose lives went in furthering their own interests in the cut-throat corporate world – understand that!! Alas those like Gandhi and Kurien whose entire life went in serving people cannot get that basic and most important lesson in life!!

Their nemesis was born out of their inability to let go… or an Ego born out of Altruism!!

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