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Hezbollah, Iran, N. Korea, China, Mumbai Blasts and our Future!

Ok guys.. here is the deal from CNN:

– Hezbollah leader ready for “open war” with Israel
– Israeli jets destroy Hezbollah headquarters in Beirut
– Hezbollah fires missiles into six Israeli towns
– An Israeli naval ship damaged by what appeared to be a rocket
– Claims that missiles fired on Israel ‘made in Iran’
– Israeli woman, grandson reported killed by a rocket

And we know that there was a tremendous terrorist attack in India – possibly targetting the white-collar professionals in Mumbai. Are all these scenarios related?

Also, North Korea is up in arms against the US with missile attacks, and Iran is not easy to make agree on anything by Europe and the US. So why is it that all of these things are coming together? Are the actions of North Korea and Iran mere coincidence? Or is there a correlation? More important, are they “synced” and orchestrated? Is China really honest in N. Korea’s case? Is Russia honest in Iran’s case?

From another angle, are the jehadis seeing this interplay – between China, N. Korea, Iran on one side and Europe and US on the other as the right time to push their agenda through and get to their goal? Because Hezbollah has not been so brazen in a while!

So are we looking at two main camps? Of China, N. Korea, Iran, Islamic Jehadis on one side and Europe and US on the other? Now, back to India’s bomb blasts – was India targeted because of its recent proximity to the US?

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We may not know it but we might be witnessing some of the most profound events unfurl that will align the world powers in ways that will affect our kids’ futures!

Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said on Friday that his group is ready for “open war” with Israel, as each side launched attacks in the deepening crisis.

“We are ready for it — war, war on every level,” said Nasrallah, soon after Israel’s military reportedly hit his home and destroyed Hezbollah’s headquarters in southern Beirut.

An Israeli naval ship was hit by an apparent rocket attack Friday, the Israel Defense Forces said, minutes after Nasrallah spoke on Hezbollah TV vowing to “burn and sink” an Israeli ship.

He also threatened to strike the Israeli port of Haifa, saying: “We will not be the only ones who will lose their children and houses.” It was not clear if Nasrallah’s comments were made live or taped.

The Israeli ship was enforcing the naval blockade of Lebanon’s ports launched as part of Israel’s military response to Hezbollah attacks. Ships and warplanes have shelled and bombed Beirut’s international airport and main road to the Syrian capital, Damascus.

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