I am Pissed with India's Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh

To say I am pissed with Dr. Manmohan Singh is an understatement!! He and his Government will be remembered for singularly destroying the quality and longevity of the education system in this country. These bunch of jokers are on a crusade to mess every Government-backed education institute worth any name. First the IIMs, then the IITs, and now AIIMS. One after another – each minister in this cabinet has tried their best to create havoc with a system that was running fine.. and Dr. Singh.. he just keeps looking benignly at all with a nice smile. The very system that was helpful in making him what he is today is being taken apart by his cronies day after day after day and he just keeps sitting with a smile!!???

The Centre on Thursday toughened its stand on the dismissal of Dr P Venugopal, saying the decision to dismiss him as Director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences was ‘ purely legal’.

The Government was responding to a petition filed by Dr Venugopal challenging the Government order dismissing him from service.

The High Court has adjourned the hearing in the case till Friday.

The Centre told the High Court that Venugopal’s sacking was purely legal and even offered to withdraw the dismissal order if the latter decides to resign on his own.

Former Union law minister Arun Jaitley is expected to argue on behalf of the beleaguered director.

Meanwhile political reactions are pouring in on Venugopal’s dismissal. The BJP has written to the Prime Minister saying the decision to sack the AIIMS director smacks of personal vendetta.

The CPM says autonomy of a leading institution like AIIMS is in jeopardy. But the party has appealed to doctors to call off their strike.

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on health has deplored the Government’s decision.

The institute’s 17-member apex body, headed by Union Health Minister A Ramadoss, had on Wednesday recommended Dr Venugopal’s removal, charging the noted cardiologist with violating the hospital’s code of conduct.

This was, however, opposed by three of the 15 members of the Governing Body, who attended the three-hour meeting.


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