Jobs that can get you a visa in the US

There are many people who would like to come to US for a career or living. Its not always easy. One might be a very high official in another country, say like India, but that doesnt mean that one can come here at the same level. So there are two things that ought to be looked at for thinking or planning about careers in the US:

1. What can get you a visa.

2. In which careers can you “port” your position within the US too? Which means that suppose you were a manager in India – in which careers could you start from being a manager in the US too?

Believe me, there are enough people who were fairly high up in the Indian corporate system and they have to start afresh! Is that what one wants? If one can reduce ones ego that is fine.. otherwise one has to plan well.

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Also, getting a visa is one thing… using that Visa to go ahead in life is another. Without the Green Card, there are very few employers who would hire you. And once you have started the process with one employer, you are pretty much stuck with that company. So, if you came over to US and had to start from a lower level than you deserved and also you couldnt move to a better place for 4-6 years – which is about an average period of time it takes for one to get the Green Card – would you be satisfied or better to ask – Happy??

So when you plan for a life and career in the US – you need to think on all these planes and levels. The decisions may turn out to be different.

Article from Forbes

What’s the easiest way to legally enter the United States? Love. Fall in love with an American citizen, get married and you’re in. Unfortunately, not everyone can rely on romance.

Most people have to work their way into the U.S. But to do that, you need to find a job, a company willing to sponsor you and then apply for one of the country’s precious H1B visas. With up to 100,000 applications filed each year (that’s where the government cuts it off), getting one of the 65,000 H1Bs given out annually is a bit like winning the lottery. The same is true for other highly coveted visas like the L1 work visa, which enable multinational firms to transfer employees and executives to the U.S. For would-be immigrants, such visas can often lead to the ultimate golden ticket: a U.S. green card, 140,000 of which are available each year.

– University Professor
– Nurse
– Physical Therapist
– Executive
– Artist or Musician
– Athlete
– Researcher or Scientist

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