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Flickr Pic of the Day

Originally uploaded by Drishtikone.
This was a ppicture I took at the India Fest last year in Houston. This dancer looked striking in the background that was put up!

The fest involved a weekend show of different things - dances, stalls, food and crafts of India in the heart of Houston Downtown. Great picture taking time!

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How Rafi – the God of Indian Movie Music – was Ill-treated by Nonentities!

I had heard about the problems that Rafi had with Lata and then the low time he saw during the Rajesh Khanna-Kishore Kumar combine era.. but I could have never imagined that Mohd. Rafi could have been meted out the sort of treatment that Raju Bharatan - the veteran film journalist narrates here in this article!! Even though its been ages since he was gone.. still the number of singers who imitate and swear by Rafi sahab is the highest that is there in any competition or film industry! Here is an example of the treatment that Rafi - in my mind, God's own voice if there ever was one! - got from some folks!

Also, please check out my tribute to him in the "Special Series" section under the Creative Indian Personalities titled - Mohd Rafi - Saranga Teri Yaad Mein

It is unimaginable that anybody alive in the music industry of India had any stature in 1970s to even begin to tell Rafi how to sing.. but such was the case during that time!

It happened at the height of the Rajesh Khanna wave --- in the after-1970 Aradhana glow when Mohammed Rafi's confidence was at its lowest ebb. The Mohammed Rafi who had sung, for Naushad, a total of 149 songs (81 of them solo) through 35 years. That ace composer had heard about how sheer nonentities, in the recording room, had begun dictating to Mohammad Rafi.

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