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Parsing the Iraq War and Islamic Terrorism!

I had posted the same article – my last post here on newsvine. The comments are very similar in nature and try to justify and explain how the Muslim MPs have not “condoned” the terrorists! I personally believe that most people have not been able to entirely understand the issues that are on hand here!! Here are my comments that I posted on newsvine.

I am saying that when the religion identity TRANSCENDS the National and Moral boundaries… something is AMISS!

I feel that instead of attempting to LINK the Iraq war with terrorist activities.. we need to do just the opposite!

Iraq War is a rotten policy and has had downright unexcusable results. Granted and Agreed!

On the other hand, terrorism from Islamic hot heads is about a violent retribution that is UNACCEPTABLE! When will we agree to THAT!!

In a “Revenge Paradigm” if you have to revenge a killing …. you can logical and fairly speaking – kill the perpetrator of the violence.. not everyone who looks, feels, thinks, acts, or speaks like that!!

If someone, in his/her killing spree, goes beyond the perpetrator – that person is a CRIMINAL.. and one who tries to LINK the perpetrator of the original crime and the new crime in a CAUSE-AND-EFFECT relationship, in my personal view, is an abettor of the subsequent crime!

The original act of Iraq War created an Anger in a Muslim man. His INABILITY to distinguish between what is a good or bad response (I am not expecting that person to get to Gandhian levels.. yet!) made him Kill! Our empathy and this linkage between the two acts as cause-and-effects…. then solidifies the feeling of INJUSTICE and the potent currency of Terrorism for others!

There have been enough injustices to other communities. Dont expect me to believe that Muslims are the only ones subjugated around the world! Hundreds of Thousands of Kashmiri Pandits (Hindus) were ethnically cleansed by the Jehadis (sponsored by Pakistan) from their ancestral home in Kashmir… many live in penury in Delhi or elsewhere. How many bomb attacks do you see led by a Kashmiri Pandit in India??? Why not?? There is a faculty of Human Brain that makes you separate the Action and Reaction in a meaningful way! Acts such as these letters somehow create very high barriers to separation of Action from reaction in the minds of “fundamentalist” Muslims! Some of those resort to violence!

I wonder if you are realizing.. it is NOT the Iraq War .. but the linkage and the inabilities of the Muslim Faithfuls at large to separate Action and reaction that create Terrorists!

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