Why Brilliant Men Cheat their Wives!

Brilliant men are most often cheats! Why? Because of a risk-taking gene!

Men with brilliant minds, whose creativity brings them enormous success, sometimes find themselves in a curious situation. They are so highly rewarded by society for their achievements that they are unable to limit their curiosity to new problems in their special fields. It starts to spill over into other areas.

They simply dont know how to handle their urge to taking risk to tear apart the ordinary! From Einstein’s 10 mistresses with whom he was having illicit affairs to Kennedy who was a virtual sex addict…

During a presidential visit to Britain, John F. Kennedy once shocked an elderly Harold Macmillan when he complained to him that if he didn’t have sex with a woman every day he suffered from severe headaches.

Kennedy was insatiable and impatient. He was reported to make love with one eye on the clock and to be through with a girl as soon as he had had sex with her in three different ways. If possible, he preferred two girls at once and seduced almost every young woman he met, from starlets to socialites, secretaries to stewardesses. Oh yes, and not forgetting strippers.

..the urge for risk in sex comes along with the urge to take risks in other areas! And that genius called Charlie Chaplin?

Charlie Chaplin, was an even more active sex addict, capable, he said, of ”six bouts a night”. Whenever he was bored he would set about seducing a girl. He had four wives (three of them teenagers) and an endless procession of mistresses, some of them alarmingly young. His greatest thrill was the prospect of deflowering a virgin. When one of his virgins became pregnant at 16 he was forced to marry her. That marriage lasted only two years, during which time he enjoyed the company of five mistresses.

As a young man he visited brothels, but later was attracted to talented and important women and managed to seduce a cousin of Winston Churchill’s, the daughter of playwright Eugene O’Neill, actresses Paulette Goddard, Mabel Normand and Pola Negri, and William Hearst’s girl-friend Marion Davies. However, his sexual risk-taking eventually led to his downfall and he was driven out of America as a ”debaucher”, his legacy forever tarnished.

We have of course all heard about Bill Clinton havent we?

So, women are in a difficult position arent they? The good-looking men are anyways not in good supply.. while the intelligent ones.. cheat the heck out of them!

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