Desire and Pure Consciousness

Dr. Deepak Chopra has written an excellent blog post with respect to desires and fulfillment of these desires as they move from the Body to higher states of consciousness. Here is the path he professes:

Desires pass through four layers of manifestation:
1. The desire appears in your mind.
2. It is processed in the unconscious or subtle body
3. It passes through collective consciousness
4. It is organized cosmically in pure consciousness.

I was really interested on his take of the Desires interplay in “Pure Consciousness”. This is what he speaks about it:

The level of pure consciousness: At this level everything is coordinated so that your desire can reach some kind of fulfillment. Here there is never an obstacle, never a no. The quantum field will move however it must to accommodate the new intention you have place in it. Naturally, if your desire hasn’t made it through the other levels, not much effect will be produced. But something will happen; no desire escapes without affecting the universe.

If this is the actual chain of command for desires, improving your share of fulfillment can be improved on all four levels. There is no linear path but a nonlocal process in which everything is affected simultaneously.

This is the statement that I disagree with. Here is why:

Since we are talking of Desire in the Vedantic sense and Gita is probably the best concentrated treatise on it.. here is a “commentary on what Gita says” by Sage Vasishta in “Vasishta Yoga” as it “would happen” (since this dialog of Vasishta and Rama happened prior to Gita’s dialog). {page 406, SUNY publication of Vasishta Yoga]

“Desire for liberation interferes with the fullness of self; absence of such desire promotes bondage! Hence, constant awareness is to be preferred. The sole cause for bondage and liberation is the movement in consciousness. Awareness of this ends this movement. The egosense ceases the very moment one observes it, for it has no support any longer. Then who is bound by whom or who is liberated by whom?”

If you closely try to analyse and understand this para – it resonates with J. Krishnamurti’s oft repeated stance – do not “fight” any situation or desire for even when you try to substitute evil for good.. you are still craving and have an ego. Just observe.

Dr. Chopra, however, talks of “fulfillment” of desire when it reaches the “Pure Space”. I guess what I am trying to argue is that desire is “movement” and the “Pure Space” is without the Movement. So the “play of desires” happens in the “oxygen of sub-pure-consciousness-atmosphere” beneath the “pure-consciousness-stratosphere”!

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