The New Islamic Jehadi Superstar!

It seems that things are a changing in the world of Global Jehad! Suddenly, Osama is slowly becoming the new “villain”! The new superstar in the pantheon of the Jehadis is Nasrallah of Hezbollah! Maybe this is all for the good.. who knows? Read this interesting article.

Some of the illegally-operated FM radio stations in Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas are paying hours and hours of tribute to Nasrallah in between recitations from the Koran.

What are the Muslim youth in Pakistan’s mosques and madrassas saying about Nasrallah and bin Laden?

* ‘Nasrallah made us proud as Muslims, and respected by the rest of the world. bin Laden made us hated by the rest of the world and viewed as criminals and terrorists.’
* ‘Nasrallah led us from the front against Israel, the US and the UK. bin Laden concealed himself in the caves while sending hundreds of Muslims to jail and death.’
* ‘Nasrallah helped the poor Muslims and cared for them. What has bin Laden done for the poor Muslims?’
* ‘Nasrallah united the Shias and the Sunnis in a joint jihad against Israel and the US. bin Laden made them kill each other first in Afghanistan and Pakistan and now in Iraq.’
* ‘Nasrallah has every right to speak for the Muslims of the world. bin Laden has no right.’

If a public opinion poll were to be held in the mosques, madrassas and tribal areas of Pakistan today, Nasrallah may get many more votes than bin Laden.

It remains to be seen whether the eclipse of bin Laden remains a temporary phenomenon or becomes permanent.

Pakistani jihadi organisations like the Lashkar-e-Tayiba, the Jaish-e-Mohammad, the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen and the Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami, which are members of bin Laden’s International Islamic Front, have been greatly concerned over this praise and support for Nasrallah at bin Laden’s expense.

They have been telling their followers that the Ummah needs both bin Laden and Nasrallah. They have been referring to what they describe as the sacrifices made by bin Laden for the Muslims of the world in general and of Afghanistan and Pakistan in particular and saying that the Muslims cannot defeat the conspiracy of the US and Israel against Islam without bin Laden’s leadership.

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