Asinine South Asian policies and mindset of US Officials

Sometimes the US officials just act outside of their own clothing.. they just think they can say whatever pleases them without regard for the proper situation analysis. Here is this Crocker guy– who is the US Ambassador to Pakistan. He thinks India should not play the “Blame Game” in public. Well.. the Indian investigation authorities are simply coming out with their findings and letting people know why and how it all happened! It is no different than the 9-11 investigations and the sharing of their results with the public .. is it?

“India should communicate with Pakistan by having direct contact instead of talking about the Mumbai train blasts in the public,” US Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker told a news conference.

He said the United States wanted Indian and Pakistani governments to discuss all the issues between them, including the Kashmir dispute, to normalise their relations.

“We hope that both the countries would keep all their channels open to rectify their misunderstandings,” he said, adding that accusing statements would serve no purpose.

Instead of making such asinine comments, I think it will suit this Crocker guy best if he can bring his host to get some basics of existence in the world community clear.. that of no messing with other countries unnecessarily. I really think that India has no business to be talking to Pakistan at this moment. Kashmir is not under threat in any case or any part of India. The worst time for India was from 1980’s to the mid 1990’s when the Afghan War had helped Pak’s ISI to become strong and also able to divert the Talibani fighters to India and fuel the Khalistan terrorism too. But at this moment, it would suit India best to help the indigenous secessionist movements in Pakistan take root and become stronger. It would be best to help break Pakistan into as many pieces as possible so they keep fighting amongst themselves as is their wont anyways. It doesnt serve any purpose for India to be indulging in any dialog from a position of strength. There is no way that Pakistan can try a Kargil or a Khalistan at this stage. The only real threat that I forsee is in the North East in Assam and Bengal. There we should be just be as strong with the Bangladeshis as we are with Pakistan. Because with Khalida Zia in place.. the Bangladeshi regime is just an extension of Pak’s ISI and Army unit and that is how it should be treated!

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Well, back to Crocker guy. Here he talks about the proliferation issue – the entire “unearthing” of the AQ Khan network (yeah.. yeah.. yeah.. the stuff that every newspaper reader in India knew in 1997 was “unearthed by the CIA director in 2004!)… look at his juvenile sense of safety:

Referring to proliferation, he said one thing was clear that the issue of unauthorised proliferation was closed and the US had accepted Pakistan’s point of view on it.

“Pakistan government took a series of steps putting in place enough safeguards to completely stop this proliferation.

“But what was the extent of A.Q. Khan’s network is still to be known and determined and this issue is not closed and in this regard the international community has to be satisfied by Pakistan,” he pointed out, saying the issues concerning Iran and North Korea were not closed.

“Pakistan says it wants to get to the bottom of the issue and this is very good,” he added.

And then the American people wonder why their country is in danger.

The concluding remarks take the cake. Read them word by word .. very very carefully. A few years.. maybe months.. from now… you will see the stupidity of these very remarks and wonder what the “Eff” were the American officials thinking when they had such inputs into their foreign policy?

He said war on terror could not be won militarily alone as local factors had to be considered and flexibility had to be shown to achieve the desired results. He expressed the hope that there would be no cross-border terrorist activity by Taliban after the signing of the Waziristan accord.

“In an extended campaign against terror we can panic but we would ultimately succeed with the help of our allies,” Mr Crocker said, adding that he did not think there was any ‘Talibanisation’ in tribal areas.

The last line is very important. Please remember this. One day.. very soon… it will come to bite the world big and heavy.

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