Fishing in Houston Lakes and Sadism

This morning I went for a walk to the nearby lakes. Some folks were fishing there. Now, most of the city lakes have a rule that fishing in the lakes can be done but the fishes need to be released back into the lakes. So all these guys are busy throwing their fishing hook into the lake and some guys that I saw actually got the fish too.. after a few moments of the fish gasping for breath and feeling the pain of the hook being taken out and generally lack of water .. she is thrown back in.

I am a vegetarian – so I can look at this scene with a “detached” (someone who doesnt get excited by this fishing) manner… and I find it fairly appalling! Why does one have to do all this as a sport? Except for the momentary “macho” red-neckish excitement that one gets – quite akin to winning a lottery – what is it that these guys are getting out of these acts?? And the fish is made to suffer pain and probably a scar for life that she lives in the lake thereafter! From an external viewpoint – it is as sadistic as it can be. Although I can see some logic in fishing to eat the fish. At least that has a worthwhile goal of feeding your own stomach by killing that fish… but fishing .. hurting the fish and then releasing it is totally without any thought!

Desh Kapoor

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