Swamy: Aryan Invasion Theory is bunk and the Christian Lobby Agenda in India

Subramanian Swamy – the Janata Party leader has also written about the campaign and other actions by other religious groups to undermine the history and strength of Hindus in his book “Hindus Under Siege”. He does talk about the falsehood of the Aryan Invasion Theory:

Indians are facing a major identity crisis. We need to ask ourselves who we are? What is our core ethos? As a nation, we have been fed so many falsehoods.

The whole theory about the Aryan invasion and their creation of Sanskrit and the Vedas, is nothing but British-created falsehood. These historians also claimed that the Saraswati river was a myth until the American satellite Landstat photographed the map and bed of this river.

The Harappan civilisation is nothing but a continuation of the Vedic epoch. This north-south Aryan-Dravidian divide has been proved wrong by American scholars having taken the DNA of Indians and Europeans and founded that there is not difference between the so-called Aryans and the Dravidians. Ours has been a continuous civilization for the last 10,000 years.

He also talks about the hidden Christian fundamentalist agenda against the Hindu interests in India. Here is something that is pertinent and important:

Hindus are being systematically prepared for psychological enslavement and not the other way around. Take the way a false murder case was foisted on the Kanchi Shankaracharya. The case was bogus and was thrown out by the Supreme Court as having `no worthwhile prima facie evidence ‘.

The Shankaracharya was arrested in a Congress-ruled state on Diwali day. The Finance Ministry froze 142 bank accounts of the Mutt and not a single Congress leader from Sonia Gandhi down to their district level president uttered a word against the arrest. He was put in a jail with other criminals. It was pointed out to the government that when political leaders like Sheikh Abdullah, Jaiprakash Narayan and Morarjee Desai were arrested, they were not lodged in jail.

The circumstantial evidence pointed quite clearly towards the Christian lobby that was working against him. The Shankaracharya had been going to Dalit enclaves and consecrating their temples and thereby restricting the influence of the Christians who had looked upon the Dalits as being a fertile ground for conversion. Obviously, all this had the blessings of Sonia Gandhi who is a nominee for the Christian lobby.

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