An Indian Civilizational Perspective

Are we Indians too self indulgent?

Nice article on the chest beating by us Indians who have come to think that we literally own the world now. Well.. things are far from that! We still have a long way to go even to become a normal nation.. forget the super power tag!

The Times of India has designed a neat logo that it sticks at the top of every article about India’s thriving economy or growing international importance: a small spinning wheel, the national symbol, alongside the words “Global Indian Takeover.”

Sometimes the articles deemed to reflect the nation’s unstoppable rise are persuasive – Indian corporate successes, rising share prices, Booker Prize victories. More often they are bewilderingly trifling.

In a front-page article this week, the latest evidence of India’s rising power was the rather underwhelming news that a girl of Indian-origin had become Miss Great Britain. The “Global Indian Takeover” slogan was stamped next to a pouting picture of Preeti Desai.

The Times of India, the nation’s largest-selling English-language paper, is chasing a trend. This desire to highlight every small achievement as proof of India’s unstoppable rise has become a national sport. An obsessive conviction that India is destined for international supremacy is spreading fast.

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