Prez Kalam Blasts the Dependency Syndrome!

Way to go Prez!! This Indian Prez can talk straight and assert himself.. if only the likes of him were the Prime Ministers! This is what he says about the quotas and subsidies and the “dependency syndrome

Doing some plain speaking at a biennial conference on anti-corruption organised by the CBI, Kalam said, “Wherever there is an independence to perform, we have performed well, whereas wherever we have created a large amount of dependency through complex policies, procedures and subsidies, our performance has been stunted and transparency diminishes.”

In this context, Kalam cited the phenomenal growth of the information, communication and technology sector despite severe constraints.

“There is a need to introspect on this dependency syndrome which we have created. We need to remove these dependencies systematically and allow people to perform in a competitive environment in the global market,” he said.

For this, there has to be ‘re-formulation’ of policies and procedures prevalent in the legislature, executive and judiciary, keeping in mind the changing scenario across the world and challenges confronting the economic sector in a global competitive environment, he said.

Terming corruption as a matter of serious concern, the President suggested the setting up of an independent commission comprising officials from various government agencies for the strict enforcement of stringent laws to counter the menace.

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