Cheney's daughter is Pregnant.. so what abt the Father? Is it Family?

I dont know what to make of this news but the US VP’s daughter who is openly lesbian is expecting a baby. So what happens to the “Father” now? Is it still a family… as per the Christian enthusiasts who talk against the marriage of gays? What does this mean to them!

What I find amazing is that the VERY people who fight hard fro some “principles” flout them openly! Whether it is the Irani Mullahs or Christian Evangelists. No one drinks and womanizes more than those Irani Mullahs – a very close Iranian who has seen these things at close quarters tells me repeatedly… and no one “gay-ises” and use the kids more than the Catholic priests themselves…. even at the HIGHEST level of the evangelist circles!

You know its better to not have a principle than to profess one and confess otherwise!!

The White House says Cheney’s openly gay daughter and top political adviser, Mary, is expecting a baby this spring with her lover of 15 years, Heather Poe.

“The vice president and Mrs. Cheney are looking forward with eager anticipation to the arrival,” the veep’s office said in a statement.

The father’s identity was not revealed.

The veep’s daughter will have to remain an unwed mom: Cheney, 37, an AOL executive, and Poe, a 45-year-old former park ranger, live in Virginia, which just passed the kind of constitutional ban on same-sex marriages that the Bush administration has been pushing nationally.

“The irony is that the grandfather of this child is part of a party and an administration that has relentlessly attacked gay and lesbian families,” said Jennifer Chrisler, head of Family Pride, an advocacy group for gay parents.

“So his own grandchild will not have the same legal protections other children enjoy. And Heather will have no legal relationship with the child. She can’t make a hospital visit or even sign a school field trip form,” Chrisler said.

Janice Crouse of Concerned Women for America, a leading critic of same-sex unions, branded the Cheney pregnancy “unconscionable.”

“She has not only injured her child, she has destroyed the work her father has done. She has acted in a way that denies everything that the Bush administration has worked for. She’s essentially saying: ‘In your face,'” Crouse said.

Carrie Gordon Earll of the Christian ministry Focus on the Family said Mary Cheney’s decision to have a baby without a father sets a bad example.

“Love can’t replace a mom or a dad,” Earll said.


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