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Quite a few news on Railway Minister Lalu Yadav recently addressing group of students from the elite Harvard and Wharton Business Schools of the US. I feel he deserves credit though not as acclaimed by him as he has proved that people can really do great things once they really aspire for it. It was really surprising from Lalu who was only known for corruption and had never done anything good to anyone other than himself.

Lalu himself acknowledged the role of officers who helped make the railways a Rs 13,000-crore (Rs 130 billion) surplus organisation within 30 months by saying, "IAS officers are not good here. They are good for law and order."……………."I gave them a bonus. I took the traders into confidence. I also took the employees into confidence," he said……………………."I wish he hadn’t taken all credit for the success. I wish he’d given some credit to the railway board," a student from Harvard told PTI……………..Another student felt the handing over of power to the middle management of the railway ministry was the key to Lalu’s success story. more

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