Netvibes – worthy competitor to My Yahoo,, and Google personalized pages

I liked it when Yahoo first came up with the MY Yahoo pages. Then Google bested it and came up with the personalized stuff. Microsoft took up a whole new world when it came up with – albeit really late in the game! I have moved from my yahoo to google and was contented with google personalized page but felt that it wasnt quite complete. By some chance I happened to touch That portal guys and gals is THE best one I have seen. It is very easily customizable… but the best thing is that you can get an OPML file from your favorite RSS reader and import it whole hog.. and more importantly read the top 6 posts under one tab for all the feeds! So, no more do you have to keep clicking on each feed link and read its feeds to find if you want to read one of them further on. Here on one page you can see the feeds from ALL of them head on! Great homepage for everyone to have. Of course, you can also add the usual mail reading, weather, stocks, calendar, to-do’s etc. I found it truly useful!

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