The Taliban are back while the Eye-rackees pay!

Well.. we all knew that the Taliban had simply gone underground (probably literally!) and while the Bush's men
concentrated on Eye-Rackees (Iraqis), the Talibans were getting ready… so the threat like 9-11 had simply been kept
in abeyance.. not really neutralized.. while hundreds of thousands of Eye-rackees have paid for Bush's hunting

Sami Yousafzai and Urs Gehriger of Die Weltwoche recently met with a member of that hard core. In the border area
between Afghanistan and Pakistan, they sat down to cups of green tea with Mullah Sabir. During the years of Taliban
rule (1994-2001) Sabir, 40, was responsible for security along the border with Iran. Today he is governor of Ghazni
Province (south of Kabul) and commander of 900 fighters. Seated on a thick cushion and flanked by two bodyguards,
he spent an hour talking about victory, strategy, spies, and his view of the world. He also proffered, for the
first time, a copy of the Taliban's new
code of regulations

Die Weltwoche: Mullah Sabir, the top Taliban leadership recently held a conclave at a secret
location. What was the mood like?

Mullah Sabir: Look at the news reports. Half of Afghanistan is again under our control. We have
advanced to just outside of Kabul. President Hamid Karzai is a prisoner in his own palace. True,
he constantly flies around the world and spends time with the powerful leaders of the West. But in his own
country he does not even dare to travel around. You can well imagine that, at our meeting of 33 Taliban chiefs,
the mood was anything but sombre.


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