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Tu mera Pita…

Here is a nice hymn from Guru Arjan Devji. I think it is beautiful – I have taken it from DK Matai’s blog who has also provided the English translation for every line. Savor and Enjoy:

Tu mera pita, tu hai mera mata,
tu mera bandhap, tu mera bhrata.

You are my father, You are my mother,
You are my kinsman, You are my brother.

Tu mera rakha sabni thai
Ta bho keha kara jiyo

You are my Protector at every place
then why should I have any fear?

Tumari kirpa te tudh pachana
Tu meri ot tu hai mera mana

By Your Grace, I have realized You.
You are my support, You are my honour

Tudh bin duja avar na koi
Sab tera khel akhara jiyo

There is no other except You.
All this universe is Your playground.

Jiya jant sab tudh upae
Jit jit bhana tit tit lae

You have created all men and other beings
and according to Your will, You have kept them at their places.

Sab kich kita tera hove
Nahi kich asara jiyo

All that happens is done by You
and we do nothing

Naam dhyae maha sukh paya
Har gun gae mera man sitlaya

By meditating on Your true Name I have received Supreme Happiness
My mind has become calm through singing the praises of God.

Guru pure vaji vadhai
Nanak jita bikhara jiyo

All hail to the Perfect Master (by Whose Grace)
Nanak has won this battle.

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