Bangalore: Neighbor's Envy; Owner's Fright!

Bangalore has been causing some envy around the world huh!? In the last elections, even John Kerry promised the Bostonians to make it another “Bangalore”! Well, I doubt he has visited B’lore and so did not know what he was wishing for 😀 But I found B’lore to be at least a decade behind Delhi in infrastructure… and there are many other “B” class cities that I believe have the potential of providing better quality of life… I will write in detail about one of them in the coming days – Indore! Its weather is such where you can do with a normal desert cooler in the summers (in fact it becomes so cool at nights you need to take blankets in summers) and in winters you would be lucky to use your sweater a few times! And the prices of real estate are so enticing that you would want to build a farm house at the cost of a three-bedroom in B’lore!!

Trend-spotters have come up with a new phrase ‘Bangalore envy’ which they claim would shape people’s lives in the US in 2007.

‘Bangalore envy’, a now expression referring to movement of much of the world’s smart money to where many of the world’s smart people are, is one of the 10 new phrases that find place in Next Now — a book compiled by marketing
guru Ira Matathia and trend-spotter Marian Salzman.

“A new Silicon Valley is rising in India,” they said. However, the authors feel the phrase would add to the anxiety of people back in the US, as they grow increasingly scared for their jobs and their future. The book’s co-author Marian Salzman is credited with turning the term ‘metrosexual’ into a global phenomenon.

Just over two years ago, the city became the second modern city in world to be turned into a verb — Bangalored — after Shanghaied, a word that broadly means losing jobs or business after relocation.

An online anti-outsourcing website marketed a T-shirt with the legend “Don’t Get Bangalored,” a term suggesting losing
one’s job to outsourcing.


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