A kid who is brilliant or a criminal mind?

Just look at this kid – he steals and drives the car… and then goes around the country without a ticket for free .. going all the way through the security .. which if I must say has been bolstered after 9-11! Amazing!

On Sunday, Semaj stole a car from his neighborhood near Tacoma, Washington. (In each instance, the cars had been running while their owners were temporarily out of sight.) The fourth-grader wound up leading police on a high-speed chase. The cops wanted to put Semaj into juvenile detention, but were told he’s too young. So they took the boy home.

The next morning, Semaj snuck out of his house and took a bus to the Seattle airport. He went to the Southwest ticket counter and gave a fake name. According to this mother, he told the ticket agent his last name is “Williams.” The agent looked in her computer and said, “Frank Williams?” Semaj answered, “Yep,” and off he went with the boarding pass with the name “Frank Williams.”

He got through security with no issues, because children don’t need photo id. Semaj hopped on a plane that stopped briefly in Phoenix before heading on to San Antonio. He tried to get on a third flight for Dallas where the boy still has family, but Southwest figured out something wasn’t right and called airport police. (The airline told us it’s investigating the incident.)


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