When "Hindu Yoga" Conflicts with "Christian US Public Schools" and violates the Church-State Separation!

This lady Tara Guber was trying to introduce Yoga in the public schools… but there was a huge hue & cry. Why?

“It’s pretty simple: Yoga is a religious practice in Hinduism… so has no place in public schools”

Because, it was essentially Hindu… and (look at the cluelessness here).. the Hindu teachings CONFLICTED with the Christian ones! Ok, this wasn’t enough.. then the Christian Right-Wingers went further.. they say since.. Yoga, which is Hindu of course, will be taught in “Christian” public schools.. it will violate the Church-State separation! Ok, so if these public schools are indeed “Christian” then doesn’t THAT violate the Church-State separation????

And did you know that Yoga has become the “Y-word”?

Man…these bird-headed idiots have very little to brain left to think anyways.. so what can you possibly say!

Credibly commenting on “Hindu” spiritualism is a VERY far away.. first they need to understand the VERY basics of who Christ was and what he gave to the world! That cannot be understood by fools who find the articulation in their love for Christ through Actions that are steeped in hatred for others (gays/Muslims/blacks or whoever)! Only one who has understood the BASICS of Bhakti Yoga.. the very teachings of Hinduism…. that one can possibly begin to understand why Christ had reached the highest point of Bhakti Yoga! And why his Love could know NO HATRED!

Oh well.. until then .. the American kids will define Yogic chants as “Bunny Breathing” until some activist comes and points out how the Bunny is reminescent of Playboy..and so immoral! Man, have I started thinking like these crazy idiots too? 🙂

But when she asked a public elementary school in Aspen, Colo., to teach yoga in 2002, Christian fundamentalists and even some secular parents lobbied the school board. They argued that yoga’s Hindu roots conflicted with Christian teachings and that using it in school might violate the separation of church and state.

Portrayed as a New Age nut out to brainwash young minds, Guber crafted a new curriculum that eliminated chanting and translated Sanskrit into kid-friendly English. Yogic panting became “bunny breathing,” and “meditation” became “time in.”

“I stripped every piece of anything that anyone could vaguely construe as spiritual or religious out of the program,” Guber said.

Now, more than 100 schools in 26 states have adopted Guber’s “Yoga Ed.” program and more than 300 physical education instructors have been trained in it.

Countless other public and private schools from California to Massachusetts — including the Aspen school where Guber clashed with parents — are teaching yoga.

Teachers say it helps calm students with attention-deficit disorder and may reduce childhood obesity. The federal government gives grants to gym teachers who complete a teacher training course in yoga.

And this is not enough .. there is an entire industry coming up that is mimicking the yoga moves and “coloring” it with “Christianic” semantics!

Concerns about yoga’s spiritual implications have also fueled a cottage industry of books and videos that offer the purported benefits of yoga — flexibility, strength and weight loss — without mentioning the y-word.

Laurette Willis, 49, wrote an exercise regimen called “PowerMoves Kids Program for Public Schools.” The stretching routine includes pauses for children to contemplate character-building quotes from Martin Luther King Jr., Emily Dickinson, Harriet Tubman and William Shakespeare. Willis, who lives near Tahlequah, Okla., also created an exercise regimen called “PraiseMoves: The Christian Alternative to Yoga.”

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