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Is Balochistan the Next Bangladesh?

The way the Balochs are going on within Pakistan and the way the central government treats them.. the day is not far when Balochistan becomes the next Bangladesh.

Army seized over 30 surface-to-surface missiles in a raid

Pakistani Army dominated by Punjabi Sunnis is known as a fairly ruthless bunch of goons with a colonial mindset.

They demo-ed that amply before the Bangladesh War of 1971 when they basically tried to ethnically cleanse that region.. and despite all the “My heart beats for Islam” cliches … the truth is that Islamic passion of the Pakistanis is a very parochial undertaking in reality. That is why most of the Pakistanis are miffed when I retort to their “Pakistan is the Home of Muslims” .. to WHICH Muslim are you referring to? Shias? Ahmediyas? Bengalis? Balochs? Aga Khanis? Every one of them have been targetted NOT by people but by the government as a matter of STATE POLICY!!

Two rockets were targeted at the Gwadar port on Thursday from Padi Zar, the eastern part of the city. One of the rockets fell into the sea while the other landed in the port area, said Baharam Baloch, a Gwadar-based journalist.

He was quoted by the Daily Times on Saturday as saying that the rocket hit an electricity pylon in Mullah Band area.

Baloch nationalists have targetted Gwadar port in the past as they look upon the Chinese-financed port as a gateway to facilitate the exploitation of the gas resources of the province.

In another related development sourced to the Geo Television, the daily said that the security forces on Friday seized more than 30 surface-to-surface missiles from a militant hideout in Sui, Balochistan.

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