Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd: a Movie Review.

Here is a review of the new Movie – Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd. by Praveen Morchhale:

I saw the movie "Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. (HT) " first day second show but could not express my opinion on it immediately. Hope you would enjoy reading this.

Every life, honeymoon and apple has two halves. One is sour and another is sweet. HT has many slices of life of 6 couples and these slices are sweet sour and funny and secretive. Certainly film brings smile on the face.

Its a film about "Honey Mood" of 12 characters ( 6 couples), it is bound to happen that you will not get emotionally involved with any of them and you get sketchy characterization as most of time you drift to your honeymoon 🙂 day. ( I don’t know which half of the honey moon..ha ha ha)

I appreciate the courage of Director to make a movie without a script based on classical theory of screenplay i.e. 3 act formula. Still HT holds the interest of audience by its funny light mood dialogues and characters.

One thing I can say that when you see HT, you will drift to your honeymoon days and may find some or other similar weird actions. incidences.. Honey moon is not meant for any serious business and so the film too has lighter moments and witty fun loving simple characters like common man.. like us.

After many years I found this film holds my attention throughout without any solid story line or script. There are No conflicts, No objectives to achieve, No middle and No end except that when honey moon tour days are over so you have to end the film, still film is lovable and watchable.

I am surprised that many film critics are gunning for the film for its no story – no characterization- no solid screenplay. Why ? Some one has to break the mold and director has done it with courage. Films are just a escape route to another world. Watching HT, my wife and we were laughing all the way to end. When film ended we were again on fighting mode 🙂

That matters and not the Classic way of story telling or follow the same path and make one more dead boring film.

GO AND WATCH WITH WIFE OR GIRL FRIEND. I keep my head out of window in honeymoon travels pvt. ltd.’s bus along with 6 couples, you can chop my head if you don’t like this movie.


Synopsis from Wikipedia

The story is about six couples, who are on their honeymoon with the Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. bus and their trials and tribulations during the four-day-journey. The couples are:

  • Oscar Fernandez (Boman Irani) and his wife Nahid (Shabana Azmi) who have just recently married. They are middle-aged and the target of constant mock from everyone else. However, they intent to have a great journey and not be bothered by their difficult pasts. This is their second marriage. Oscar’s first wife committed suicide and Nahid’s husband and 2 children expired in a car accident. Oscar is Nahid’s first husband’s business partner.
  • Partho Sen (Kay Kay Menon) and Milly Sen (Raima Sen), a couple from small town Bengal.
  • Pinky (Amisha Patel) and Vicky (Karan Khanna), hailing from Dehli. They couldn’t be more different, as Pinky is very extroverted and Vicky is the opposite. When Vicky sees Bunty for the first time, he develops feelings for him but isn’t able to express them.
  • Madhu (Sandhya Mridul) and Bunty (Vikram Chatwal) have most recently married. They differences draw from the fact that he is a NRI, a non-resident India, while she has lived in Mumbai, India, for her entire life. Bunty is gay and his parents want him to marry some French woman but out of anxiety he contacted Madhu over the net and came to India and married quickly.
  • Hitesh (Ranvir Shorey) and Shilpa (Dia Mirza) are both from Gujarat and both of them question the nature of their affiliation, as they wonder if love or marriage is more important in life. During the first half hour, Shilpa runs away with her love, Arjun Rampal.
  • Aspi (Abhay Deol) and Zara (Minissha Lamba) seemlingly the most perfect couple of them all. They’ve never fought in their life with each other. And unknown to each other, each of them hide a secret i.e. they are superman and superwoman respectively in reality.

As the bus continues it’s journey, it is followed by a mysterious man, dressed in black clothes, wearing a helmet – someone who has still an open business with one of the passengers.

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