Is there a Rift between US and China?

Are strains opening up between US and China? Rumsfeld went to Singapore recently as Secretary of Defense and remarked about the Defense spending of China between "out of control" and "destabilizing"! Of course, it was not received well in Beijing. So, is there an attempt in Washington to create the "me" and "they" juxtaposition like that with Soviets? Is it a good idea to create just axes and put yourself on a pedestal to get a "buy-in" from a clueless populace? Fareed Zakaria – one of my favorite commenters in media.. tackles these and many other questions in this discussion.

When Hu Jintao, the President of China goes anywhere, he gets the red-carpet treatment. In fact, when he went to Paris, President Jacques Chirac had the Eiffel Tower painted red in his honor. Well when he comes to Washington next week, he’s not going to get any of that; he will not even get an official state banquet, a privilege that was accorded Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India when he was here a few months ago. This distinction is not lost on the Chinese, and many wonder whether there is a widening divide between the way in which say Europeans deal with China and the United States is dealing with China.

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