Bhagat Singh loved Charlie Chaplin movies!

This is an interesting news item on Bhagat Singh… how he liked movies, specifically Charlie Chaplin movies! These and some other tid-bits on the most important independence struggle leader in India!

A movie buff, Bhagat Singh’s special favourites were Charlie Chaplin films, which he watched even at the expense of going hungry, according to Professor Chaman Lal of Jawaharlal Nehru University.

"Bhagat and his friends liked movies a lot, especially those of Charlie Chaplin," Lal, who has extensively researched the life and times of the martyr, said.

Quoting Jaidev Gupta, one of Bhagat Singh’s close friends, he cites an instance from the life of the martyr, that reflected his sheer craze for movies.

"Once, Bhagat Singh and his friends desired to watch a movie. The movie, based on the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin , was about the fight of black people against discrimination.

"At that time, Chandrasekhar Azad used to be their leader, and together, they only managed to gather enough money for their food. Naturally, they were afraid of him coming to know if they used that money for watching the movie instead of feeding themselves," Lal said.

It was then that Bhagat Singh took upon himself to bear the ire of Azad, and led his friends to watch the film, he said, noting, "That was his love for the movies."

Indeed, the passion with which the young Sikh — who later went on to kiss the noose which hung him — went about the things he liked, only prepared him for the ultimate fate he met.

Thanks to many of his friends who were Bengali, like B K Dutt, Bhagat also developed a taste for ‘rasgullas’, said Lal.

"In two or three letters to his friends, he asked them to arrange ‘rasgullas’ for him whenever and from wherever they could," he said.

In fact, with his over-enthusiastic friends, young Bhagat Singh actually did all the things which could classify him in the rare ‘nice spoilt brat’ category.

"Once, Bhagat and Sukhdev went to the place of their friend Raja Ram Shastri. Shastri asked them to stay for the night and they agreed. The problem was they had only one cot," he said.

The two visitors first agreed to sleep on the floor, letting the host sleep on the cot. Then, they deliberately talked through the night with Shastri, and pretending to be sleepy, got on his cot.

"When Shastri got tightly sandwiched between the two, he himself left to sleep on the floor," said Lal. "Those were the kind of things they did," he said.

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